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Please be advised that there is a cable re-zoning project which is underway. This re-zoning exercise could have far-reaching implications for licences, costs and regulatory obligations in the future. Prospective applicants are therefore advised to contact our offices for additional information, prior to submitting an application.


With immediate effect, there is a temporary hold on the granting of licences for island-wide radio broadcast services. Until further notice, the Commission will not be accepting applications for those services.

One of the Broadcasting Commission's main functions is to recommend to the Minister of Information which applicants should receive licences to operate broadcast radio and television and subscriber television services. It also recommends the terms and conditions under which those licences should be granted and renewed.

Applicants for licences are expected to meet certain programming, technical and financial standards and be able to provide a satisfactory level of customer service. Once the Commission is satisfied that an applicant can adequately staff and operate the service according to the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations, a recommendation is made to the Minister of information who then decides whether a licence should be granted.

 Applying for an STV Licence

pdfGuidelines for applying
pdfGuidelines to apply for Wireless STV
pdfStages in the application process
pdfSTV Operators and Zones Served 
pdfApplication Form
pdfApplication for variation of a Subscriber Television Licence
pdfApplication for attachment to Utility Poles
pdfApplication for STV Wireless Form B2

Applying for a Broadcasting Licence

pdfGuidelines for Applying for a Commercial Broadcasting Licence
pdfStages in the application process
pdfApplication Form

Requirements for Operating a Low Power Radio Station

pdfRequirements for Operating a Low Power Radio Station

Applications for Renewal of Licence

pdfApplication for Broadcast Licence Renewal Form B
pdfApplication for STV Licence Renewal Form B

Licence Fees

Application Fees  
Licence (All Categories) J$110,000
Variation J$50,000
Renewal J$10,000
Grant of Licence  
Commercial Broadcasting J$50,000
Non-Commercial Broadcasting /Special US$3,500
Subscriber Television (STV) service Calculation based on formula
Variation of STV service Calculation based on formula
Renewal of Licence J$150,000
Annual Licence Fee  
Non-Commercial Broadcasting / Special US$2,500
Subscriber Television (STV) service 5% of gross subscription fees payable


To be the cutting-edge regulator that leads in the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communications sector for the benefit of Jamaica and the Caribbean Community.


  • To carry out the provisions of the Broadcasting and Radio Re-Diffusion Act
  • To make and administer the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations
  • To evaluate applications and make recommendations to the responsible Minister
  • To monitor the transmission and operations of licensees
  • To receive and investigate complaints
  • To advise the government on policy
  • To conduct and or commission research
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